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Our Gainwell Cares program is committed to supporting for the community and our dedicated employees in tangible ways.


The Gainwell Cares Corporate Giving Program provides grant assistance to eligible organizations that are aligned with Gainwel’s mission of using innovative technology and solutions to deliver better health and human services outcomes to communities.

We invite your organization to apply today.

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We support communities in six ways

  1. Building strong, stable, thriving communities where Gainwell employees live and work
  2. Promoting healthcare equity by providing access to quality care for all
  3. Addressing healthcare disparities in underserved communities
  4. Developing innovative technologies that change the way healthcare is provided
  5. Focusing on health and human services, including diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as women and children
  6. Providing aid and targeted support to communities impacted by catastrophic global and natural disasters

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs below provide additional information about the Gainwell Cares Corporate Giving Program and the application process.

1. What criteria must be met to qualify for grant assistance?

Organizations submitting applications must have current tax-exempt status as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) or 509(a) of the United States Internal Revenue Code or the international equivalent. In addition, grant proposals must:

  • ✓ Support one of the six focus areas outlined above
  • ✓ Clearly describe how the grant funds will be used
  • ✓ Demonstrate a strategy with clear program goals, objectives, and action plans
  • ✓ Include a method to track and measure program outcomes
  • ✓ Show fiscal responsibility

2. What characteristics do the most competitive proposals share?

The strongest Gainwell Cares Corporate Giving proposals address the following four questions:

  1. How does the program or initiative include the community and Gainwell’s employee population?
  2. How does the grant benefit communities surrounding the Gainwell Technologies corporate offices in Conway, Arkansas?
  3. To increase awareness of your program’s impact, how will your organization communicate and/or promote the partnership with Gainwell and the associated program benefits to stakeholders and community members?
  4. How will your organization leverage Gainwell Cares resources to encourage giving from other entities?

3. What organizations and projects are not eligible for the Gainwell Cares Corporate Giving Program?

Gainwell Cares does not provide support for the following:

  • Individual aid or personal support
  • Lobbying, partisan organizations, committees, or candidates in/or seeking political office
  • Labor or fraternal organizations
  • Religious or evangelical organizations
  • Trade associations
  • Organizations that conflict with Gainwell’s Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Capital campaigns
  • Endowments or private foundations
  • Research projects
  • For-profit organizations seeking marketing, advertising, or political support
  • Fundraising events, galas, or dinners

We invite your organization to join us in creating a positive impact where we live and work.

Organizations with 501(c)(3) and 509(a) tax-exempt status under the United States Internal Revenue Code or the international equivalent are invited to apply for the Gainwell Cares Corporate Giving Program.

Grant applications are accepted each year between March 1st and March 31st, and between September 1st and September 30th.

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