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Healthcare Portals

Reduce costs and gain efficiency with self-service tools

The Gainwell Healthcare Portals Solution offers three self-service capabilities for Medicaid agencies to maximize efficiencies for members, providers and MCOs:

  • Member Portal: Provides Medicaid enrollees with access to their health profiles, benefit details and self-assessment tools for personal wellness options
  • Provider Portal: Coordinates member care and administration from the provider’s office
  • MCO Portal: Allows MCO administrators to oversee their managed care plans

Our portals help you increase the range of their healthcare services without introducing technology complexities that raise the costs of solution implementation and maintenance. They support changes to policies and workflows without incurring new development costs.

The portals are the answer to enhancing interactions among all your constituents in secure, private and collaborative environments. The portals consume information from multiple back-end systems and present relevant data to all parties in a web-based, unified and personalized view with feature-rich functionality.

You can adopt one or more portals depending on your overall needs. All portals are built on the Microsoft® .NET platform, a framework with extensive tools for creating distributed web services, making information available anytime and on any device. Since all portals share the same technology, you’ll save money when you implement other portals from the suite.


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