Fully integrated and federally certified platform for healthcare administration

Medicaid agencies can deploy Gainwell’s interChange Healthcare Platform — a fully integrated, federally-certified healthcare administration solution — to meet changing legislative requirements, enhance processes, gain better data interoperability and contain costs.

interChange enables you to seamlessly improve the administration of your program across multiple business areas, such as claims processing and member eligibility. It is closely aligned with MITA and meets federal guidelines to allow for the integration of multiple government systems. MITA documentation is built directly into the user interface. You have complete control in the generation and update of the documentation to enable workflow updates and standardize processes across your agency. The platform’s business process management capabilities enable visualization and metric transparency into workflows.

The SOA-enabled interChange Healthcare Platform uses open APIs to integrate with COTS products to deliver best-in-class correspondence generation, call tracking, monitoring and electronic document management components.



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