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Immunization Services

Improve public health outcomes within the communities you serve.

We are a leading provider of immunization services. Our proven track record is built on our 25+ year history of providing powerful immunization information systems (IIS) and is complemented by an experienced team with technical and industry expertise.

Our IIS solution and adjacent services empower you to leverage technology to ensure accurate immunization data, increase physician adoption, raise overall immunization rates and improve public health outcomes within the communities you serve.

Immunization Information System Solution
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Automate immunization program processes more effectively with a secure, scaleable system that delivers robust analytics capabilities.
Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers
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Meet national requirements for quality coverage assessment and better enable providers to determine how well they are doing through systematic, routine examination of client records.
inSight Analytics for Immunization Service
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Use content-rich dashboard and multiple visualizations to discover metrics about your population.
Blood Lead Registry Service
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Facilitate the efficient sharing of results to provide accurate and timely intervention in lead screening programs to track health attributes.
Parkinson’s Registry Service
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Determine the incidence and prevalence of Parkinson’s disease, examine disparities in risk and conduct demographic and epidemiological research.
Perinatal Hepatitis B Service
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Increase efficiency in providing accurate and timely intervention to assist in the prevention of transmission of Hepatitis B infection from mothers to their infants.

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